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Let’s Talk About Drugs

Today, we’re gonna talk about drugs. The legal kind. Do you have prescription medication that you just havetohavetohaveto take every day? If your quality of life would take a definite downward turn without your meds, you MUST take a few moments to put an extra 7 days’ worth of pills in your ditty bag or suitcase when you leave for …

Protect Your Tootsies

Keep a pair of closed-toe shoes by your bed. That way, if an emergency occurs in the middle of the night, you’ve got something to put on your delicate tootsies before fleeing the scene. Stepping on broken glass is not most people’s idea of fun (although I’ve heard there are exceptions…).

Stash Some Specs!

Are you bleary-eyed in the morning, and not just because of the previous night’s bender? Chances are, you need glasses! Or contacts. To each his own. In any case…for those of you who require visual aids, stash a spare set of specs in your carry-on when you travel. If you’re a packrat like me, you probably still have glasses from …

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Fill ‘er Up!

Keep an eye on your rental vehicle’s gas gauge. When it approaches the half-full mark, veer into a fuel station and fill ‘er up. Remember, when the power goes down, so do the gas pumps.