How to Survive an Airplane Crash

PrintYour odds of being killed in a commercial airliner crash are ridiculously small (1 in 29.4 million as of Dec. 2013). But if your next flight should go down, you want to increase your chances of being one of the lucky 24-53{5b94df0808d5051ae4460ba229ec68b809d99f898aebd4fa5019c7ba642362c2} of the passengers on a downed flight that will escape with their life.

What’s the simplest way to do that?

COUNT THE ROWS from your seat to the two nearest exits.

If you survive the initial impact, smoke inhalation is the thing most likely to do you in. So get your hiney out of the seat and out of that airplane NOW. Leave the damn Prada bag. Just GO.

Bonus points for wearing only natural fiber clothing on your flights (synthetics melt to your skin in high heat, and that look just doesn’t really work for anyone).

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