Make Like Granddad and Carry a Pocket Knife

PrintCarry a pocket knife

Our grandpa carried one. Our dad probably did, too. But for some reason, it’s now rare to find a city dweller with the most basic of tools on their person. What am I talking about? The humble pocket knife.

Oh, you can get all fancy-schmancy with your Swiss Army package hooks and your Leatherman bolt cutter attachments. But for the everyday Jill or Joe, there’s really no need for anything beyond the simple. The classic. The type of knife our granddads carried.

Take 60 seconds and toss a pocket knife into your purse or briefcase. Don’t have one? Then take a few seconds more to find one online and click the order button.  Once you have one with you, you will be astounded (ASTOUNDED, I say!) at how frequently that little gadget saves the day. Or at least the picnic lunch.

One last thing: don’t forget to put it in your checked bag when traveling by air. The TSA really doesn’t need to add your contribution to their already-bulging cutlery coffers.

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