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Government Agencies

Planning a trip to earthquake country? The United States Geological Survey has you covered with all sorts of advice on how to prepare for quakes…and how to respond when the earth rumbles!
Department of Homeland Security tips for dealing with the most likely emergency scenarios today (e.g., blizzards in the winter, tornados in the summer, hurricanes in the fall)
The Federal Emergency Management Association’s pages have tons of info on what to do after a large-scale disaster, as well as lots of tips and tricks for what do in order to be better prepared in general.
U.S. Fire Administration
A part of FEMA, but focused on a very likely disaster you could face anywhere in the world: fire!
CDC Emergency Preparedness
Let’s not forget your health while you’re on the road. The Centers for Disease Control provides information on preparing for and avoiding illness.

NGO Resources

American Red Cross
Disaster support and preparedness advice from a non-governmental agency!

Weather Monitoring

The Weather Channel
You loved it on Cable, also available in Internet form.
The Weather Underground
A great source for all things weather, including a collection of local weather stations (e.g. that anemometer in your neighbor’s back yard), providing hyper-local weather information