Physical Fitness: It’s About More Than Just Lookin’ Good

PrintGet that hiney in gear!

Drop and give me 20! Okay, how about 10? Maybe…5?

It’s a sad commentary on our society that the mark of a successful human often involves having our butts glued to a seat in front of a glowing blue screen. While this posture can certainly make us successful fiscally, it wrecks havoc on us physically. When you’ve gotta get out of a burning building stat, and the just the idea of running a few flights of stairs to the exit gets you winded…well, you can see why fitness is CRUCIAL to emergency preparedness.

So if it’s not already a part of your daily routine, find a way to move fitness back to the fore. Of course I’m a huge fan of walking and biking, but those will take you longer than 60 seconds to give you any benefit. For the purposes of this tip, I’ll make it simple: do a minute-worth of crunches. Or hold plank position for 60 seconds. Do 20 seconds of pushups, rest for 20, and then give me 20 seconds more. Don’t make it complicated. Just make it CONSISTENT.

Those of you who follow OYO on Twitter (@OYOinfo) know that we’ve started a hashtag called¬†#prepperfit. Feel free to join the conversation and tweet your workouts in concise 140-character snippets. It’s almost as motivating as Richard Simmons…just without the satin short-shorts.

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